The Health & Human Services Council hosts 10 agencies per year to learn more about them and their impact on our community. See the presentations below for more information:

Midland County Department of Public Health - County Rankings (May 2018)

Michigan Future (March 2018)

Midland County Health Department - Maternal Child Health Assessment (December 2017)

Health & Human Services Council - Flood Relief Update (October 2017)

Greenhill Apartment Fire Update (October 2017)

Community Health Improvement Plan - Mental Health Gaps (September 2017)

Midland County Probate & Juvenile Court (August 2017)

Healthy Weight Group (June 2017)

Community Health Improvement Plan - Substance Use Disorders (May 2017)

Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network (March 2017)

Midland County Hunger Connections (March 2017)

Pediatric Center of Mid-Michigan (February 2017)

Mental Health Services (December 2016)

The ROCK Center for Youth Development (October 2016)

MidMichigan Health (September 2016)

School Superintendents Panel (August 2016)

State Legislator Panel (June 2016)

Midland County Mosquito Control (May 2016)

Shelterhouse SANE Program (April 2016)

Midland County Youth Study (March 2016)

Midland County Continuum of Care (February 2016)

Safe Communities (October 2015)

MCCAN (September 2015)

Health Improvement Plan (August 2015)

Dashboard (June 2015)

Midland County Health Survey (May 2015)

Exploring Our Future (April 2015)

Community Advancement Network (March 2015)

Senior Assets (February 2015)

Sheriff Office Overview (January 2015)

Community Wellness & Recovery Task Force Report (October 2014)

Dow Gives (September 2014)

MidMichigan Community Action Council (August 2014)

Midland County Youth Master Plan (June 2014)

Michigan Health Information Alliance (MiHIA) (May 2014)

Michigan School-Justice Partnership (April 2014)

Midland Career & College Access Network (March 2014)

Midland County Great Start Collaborative (February 2014)

Community Advancement Network to Provide Capacity-Building Services to Nonprofits (January 2014)