About Us


The Health and Human Services Council of Midland County promotes the welfare of the community through systems level planning, collaboration, and promotion of health and human services with an emphasis on demonstrated effectiveness and prevention.


  • Families have complex needs that cut across agency boundaries
  • Collaborative services produce the best results
  • Local people solve local problems


The council's membership includes 25 key community leaders focusing on health and social service delivery. With this broad range of representation, the Council embodies a shared vision for how they work to solve the challenges the community faces. Its membership fosters collaboration and cooperation among agencies, education, health care, business, the faith-based community, the courts, law enforcement, city and county government. 

 The Council: 
• Collaborates on funding and planning
• Provides the required approval for many government funded initiatives
• Endorses and evaluates programming
• Leverages expertise to optimize delivery of services
• Disseminates data used for planning, evaluating, or endorsing programs/services

To read our full operating guidelines, please click here.